I am the laziest when it comes to keeping up with music and if it wasn't for Jules and my brother I'd just be listening to that WorldStarHipHop Songza playlist over and over again:

+ Crimes & Treasons Radio hosted by Relly Rels & Jules Andre-Brown (aka Trinidad Jules) bang bang
+ Two album suggestions from my brother that I really liked near the end of 2012: Jessie Ware's Devotion & How to Dress Well Total Loss though according to Marino, now I should be listening to Rhye or something

& in other music related business:

+ this video by Tippi 
+ the HTDW FACT mix (I have watched that acoustic Halo video so many times since then)
+ Obama is rap's Explainer-in-Chief because of course he is
+ Zadie Smith interviews Jay-Z for the New York Times
+ My incredible pal Dreamboat played SXSW this year- cannot ever gush enough over him, the best dude - new stuff soon.