Two good things - pale pink peonies & the new Apartamento

It's (somewhat) sunny out again! I've begun walking home from work because it is much more pleasant than an uncomfortably warm two-stop Skytrain ride and because it is also much more difficult to make excuses for a two-stop Skytrain ride when it is so lovely out. Plus I usually indulge in at least one ice cream cone and one album (MJ was right -Woman is so good) and/or podcast on the walk. Lately I've been going through the Pop Culture Happy Hour archive and inspired by their picks, here are some things that are making me happy this week:

  • I've taken a big step back from Tumblr because though I love it dearly it takes up huge chunks of my time and my aging laptop can barely handle it. That said, whilst browsing through Aritzia's The Magazine I came across a great illustrated guide to Manhattan - Picture Book by Maris Kreizman, which led to my re-discovery of Kreizman's excellent Tumblr, Slaughterhouse 90210 - pop culture + reading = true love forever
  • I like the look-books from resort season more than the big runway shows, the styling sets the tone rather than a flashy show and often the looks are more approachable (read: easier to imitate, which can be both good and bad). My dream resort collections this season are the usual ones - Chloé, Stella McCartney, The Row save one - Céline, which decided to hold a small presentation to select press only with no pictures, tweets or reviews perhaps in an effort to thwart those that might copy the collection (see: above) leading WWD to name the house the "Skull & Bones" of fashion and further reinforcing the fact that Phoebe Philo is simply the coolest. 
  • Behind Kanye's Mask - I squealed with joy (on the inside) reading this fantastic article - you think that it can't get any better but then it does! Again and again!
  • Took a meandering walk around Strathcona over to Commercial Drive for Italian Days last weekend and on the way stopped in at La Casa Gelato where I went for my old standby Pineapple Poppyseed and took a chance on a new (to me) flavour Peach Plum Jasmine that resulted in my new top gelato combo - I tell you, I was like ^_^