To See

These incredible drawings by Evie Cahir

Pleasure Until Forever/Just Relax at Art Metropole

Design for Listen Up Philip by CHIPS-NY

Women Having a Terrible Time at Parties in Western Art History

Really love the design & branding for Glossier - some of founder Emily Weiss' inspirations here

Christophe Lemaire's super dreamy final collection at Hermès 
& an interview that he did with The Line

a bottle of nail polish that I drew for school

To Eat

Posting this as a note to self to make this -  raw raspberry "cheesecake"

Ha @ The Chicken Wing Boom, but honestly want to try this version of adobo wings

Also this jerk sauce by Kelis

And also this Rose Bakery breakfast

To Read

Find Your Beach by Zadie Smith

Marion by Emma Kline

Gallery Girls in Australia

Can't wait for my copy of A Piece Apart Gazette to arrive

Fell in big love with Gratuitous Type after finding it at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair - more on All Day Every Day

So many great bits in this interview with Lotta Nieminen - "you need to be emotionally connected enough to care about your work, but not enough to take things personally"

Really liking Ok Real

To Listen

Kindness Bedtime Mix

Love that Jessie Ware's first dance at her wedding was to No Letting Go

“There’s always something to do when you’re alone” seeing FKA Twigs in November 

Keep thinking about that Sottsass Phaidon book 

& these Waka Waka bookends (still)

& the toasted marshmellow at Earnest Ice Cream

also, thinking about a fiddle leaf fig tree.